SoxsolS and Hyperhidrosis

Through the development of SoxsolS we’ve learned about the challenges of a condition called hyperhidrosis. People with this condition perspire substantially more than humans typically do. For these people the amount of perspiration can be very uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing.

People that have this condition on their feet have all the common issues with footwear but at a much greater magnitude.

More perspiration means more:

  • liquid seeping into the footbed which can lead to decay of the sandal.
  • moisture and acids that cause footwear odor.
  • liquid and acids to cause unsightly stains.
  • of that the slippery puddle under the sole of the foot, ever present and annoying.


For some   indestructible shoes, like Crocs, aren't broken down as quickly as say leather shoes. Rubber sandals that are impervious to the water can last a long time and won’t be degraded by perspiration, but will instead capture that moisture and create a puddle.


People find using copious amounts of baking soda as a natural deodorizer helps with absorbing odors. Just like baking soda absorbs the odors out of your refrigerator it will work with simply shaking a layer onto the smelly parts of the shoes and letting it sit for a period of time on the shoe or sandal.


There are limited options for preventing stains in sandals and shoes. Perspiration and acids can migrate through the textiles of socks and some liners. Once stained most materials are difficult if not impossible to remove stains from. SoxsolS provides a solid barrier across the entire footbed.


The puddle under the foot is another difficult to problem. Essentially the wearer needs enough absorbent volume under the sole of the foot  to capture the moisture. Textiles like thick woolen weaves or cotton French Terry can absorb great amounts of water, socks and inserts made from these materials can help greatly.



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