Top 5 Best Ways to Stop Smelly Shoes

We’ve all smelled it.

Whether it’s your shoes or someone else’s, the odor that emanates from within a smelly shoe and sandals is unmistakable.

This can be especially true in sockless shoes, or shoes that are being worn with thin socks. The reason is simple: sweat smells. The more or it and the longer it stays, the smellier.

This embarrassing odor can result in some pretty uncomfortable social awkwardness, not to mention wasted money on new shoes or expensive cures.

Well, never fear. Here are some tips to keep your fresh Keens from smelling like last month’s crème fraiche.

The Deep Freeze – A popular method of keeping shoes from smelling bad is to pop them into a big freezer bag and toss them in with the peas and pizzas. Apparently, this freezes to death all the stuff that’s growing in your shoes.
Potpourri Purification - Another method of keep shoes from getting funky is to fill either hosiery or cheesecloth with a variety of pleasant smelling stuff and when you aren’t wearing them, you stuff these things into them and hope they either overpower temporarily the funk or absorb the funk.
The Classic – Of all the stinky shoe cures, this is the grandfather… dump a generous portion of baking soda into your soaked Sperry Top-Siders that smell like an unkempt barn. The next morning, eject the biscuit dough substance and if all goes as planned the stink.
Preemptive Smear – In some circles, a good lathering of the foot bottom with strong deodorant seems to mitigate the perspiration temporarily, but then your shoes have a bunch of deodorant residue in them.

SoxsolS Washable Shoe Inserts – You stick these thin inserts into your sandals or shoes and they soak up your sweat. When you’re ready, simply machine wash and machine dry them like regular socks. Then, reapply into your shoes or sandals. Repeat. These things last for years.


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