Melton- why we use it, what it is

Our wool top layer.

Our wool product is currently manufactured with a special wool weave known as “melton”. Melton is a very thick fabric that is one of a family of thick woven fabrics made of essentially two woven layers of fabric in turn woven together known as “double cloth”. This is a very durable fabric typically used in coats.

Durable, absorbent and microbe fighting.

Wool is a excellent material for our use in SoxsolS as it has a number of outstanding properties. It is very durable, it is highly absorbent, and it is naturally anti-microbial. Wool is well known for being comfortable when it is wet. It is less well known how comfortable it is in warm weather, but a growing number of Americans are discovering this wonderful property for themselves.

Wool is very, very durable. It is used in industrial felt gaskets and carpets among numerous other uses.

Melton wool is most commonly used as a fabric for making warm, expensive, stylish winter coats which can often be quite colorful. Although developed for this type of use, it turns out that the thickness and durability of the weave is just what is needed for our product.

Good when wet.

For use as a pad under the foot absorbency of perspiration is important. The wool fiber itself is highly absorbent and can absorb approximately 30% of its weight in water. That is the fiber itself not including the capability of the fabric weave structure to hold additional moisture. Wool continues to feel comfortable when wet when cotton is no longer comfortable.

Many people are often surprised when they learn how comfortable wool can be in warm weather. It is increasingly used in athletic summer wear.

For SoxsolS the thick, plush durable fabric creates an excellent support surface for the foot to rest against. The wool absorbs the moisture and keeps a comfortable path for air to reach the bottom of the sole while keeping a moist environment under the foot which is important for the tactility of the sole.


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