Wondering if SoxsolS will work with your new shoes?

Here’s a list of shoes our customers love to wear SoxsolS with:

SoxsolS are made of two powerful layers. Their underside is made of a non-slip silicon rubber, which grips your footbed to keep your SoxsolS in place throughout your day. The upper layer is made of a natural fiber fabric (cotton or wool) that wicks moisture to keep your feet cool and comfy.

Machine wash and dry your SoxsolS just like you would a pair of socks. That’s it.

SoxsolS use European sizing (36-47).

Order the same size SoxsolS as you would for your shoes. If you’re ordering for your Birkenstocks, we recommend you order two sizes down.

Don’t wait to get comfy. Peel apart your SoxsolS and roll each into the footbed of your shoe, grippy-side down, heel to toe. Whenever your soles feel ready for a wash, just peel out your SoxsolS and toss them in the laundry.

SoxsolS typically last as long as a pair of socks. (On average, they should last you between 1-3 years.)

About 3mm, or ⅛ inch.

Yes. Choose from our wide and narrow options, then trim your SoxsolS to fit the exact shape of your feet. You can even cut SoxsolS to work for heels with pointed toes or sandals with toe posts! Thanks to our silicon rubber SolSecure technology, the upper fabric layer doesn’t fray when cut, even in the wash.

Yes. Our patented silicon rubber technology, SolSecure, allows SoxsolS to firmly grip onto the footbed of your shoe for a non-slip experience while the upper fabric layer absorbs perspiration from your feet.

For people with extra-wide feet, we recommend ordering the Wide Cut for Sandals and Comfort Shoes. If you’re still worried about sizing, you can order one size up for an extra 3 mm of width.

Absolutely. SoxsolS work great with any type of shoe or sandal you’d rather wear without socks. The result is a sleek look with powerful, non-slip (and hidden!) moisture absorption. Look professional, without the sweaty feet.