no sweat, all sole

Choose SoxsolS instead of socks for a sleek, hidden look that protects your soles and keeps you feeling fresh, even in the sweatiest of moments.

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the sock is in the sole

Absorbs Moisture 1

Absorbs Moisture

SoxsolS absorb perspiration from your feet and prevent that sweat from soaking into the footbed of your sandal or shoe.

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Stays Grippy

These soles are made to last. Our patented silicon rubber technology, SolSecure, creates a non-slip grip that’s completely machine washable and dryer-safe. The grip renews with every wash for a smart solution to sweaty feet.

Absorbs Moisture 3

Natural Fibers

SoxsolS are made with thick layers of natural wool and cotton fibers. The result? A comfy feel that keeps your feet warm or cool, depending on the season.

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