about SoxsolS

Solving The Problem Of Sweaty Feet, Once And For All.

In 2009, a team of off-hours engineers sat around a table, kicked off their smelly sandals, and decided to solve sweaty feet, once and for all. Putting their heads together, they imagined a world beyond socks with sandals, without the tube (and the fashion faux-pas). These dreams became the patented silicon rubber SolSecure technology known today in all SoxsolS products.

Engineered to stay in place while absorbing perspiration, SoxsolS prevent sweat from reaching the footbed of your sandal or shoe, extending the life of your shoes while keeping your feet cool, comfy, and cushioned.

Choose SoxsolS instead of socks for a sleek, hidden look that protects your soles and keeps you feeling fresh, even in the sweatiest of moments. Slip SoxsolS into your sandals, flats, clogs, heels or dress shoes, or cut them to fit the exact shape of your feet and shoe. When they’re dirty, just toss them in the laundry! Their sticky grip renews every time for a smart solution to sweaty feet.

we’re thinking feet-first


The Sock Is In The Sole

With SoxsolS, the sock is built in. Just slide into your shoes or sandals and hit the road.

Absorbs Moisture 1

Absorbs Moisture

SoxsolS absorb perspiration from your feet and prevent that sweat from soaking into the footbed of your sandal or shoe.

Absorbs Moisture 2

Stays Grippy

These soles are made to last. Our patented silicon rubber technology, SolSecure, creates a non-slip grip that’s completely machine washable and dryer-safe. The grip renews with every wash for a smart solution to sweaty feet.


Comfy & cushioned

SoxsolS extend the life of your shoes while cushioning your foot from the impacts of your
day-to-day. It’s a win-win for your soles.

Absorbs Moisture 3

Natural Fibers

SoxsolS are made with thick layers of natural wool and cotton fibers. The result? A comfy feel that keeps your feet warm or cool, depending on the season.



SoxsolS can be trimmed to fit any shoe or sandal. With wide and narrow fits, we’ve got your feet in mind.



SoxsolS work great with any kind of shoe or sandal you’d rather wear without socks. Use them with your Birkenstocks, Keens, Chacos, Sperry Top-Siders, Danskos, Toms, Vans, Converse, Merrells, Clarks — and heels, flats, slides, loafers, and slip-ons of all kinds.



We’re proud to keep our work close to home. We manufacture all SoxsolS products in Oregon.